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Principal’s welcome

Chevallum State School is a school of 500 students from Prep to Year 6. It is the only community building in Chevallum and its multi-age philosophy and practices attract families from all parts of the Sunshine Coast. The school implements the national curriculum which is delivered with an intellectually rigorous, transdisciplinary futures orientated focus.

Chevallum State School is focussed on developing a community of learners. In a caring, inclusive climate children take responsibility for their own learning and become autonomous learners. In the cooperative family grouped classroom continuity facilitates an individualised, child-responsive approach, making learning an enjoyable experience to be shared. All members of the community are actively involved. We aim to develop balanced individuals who can operate as an integral part of the community, having respect for and understanding of individual and cultural differences.

Our code of behaviour contains the core values which underpin our responsible behaviour management plan. One of the ways which ensures students’ understanding and implementation of these values is arrived at via parental reinforcement within the home environment, which complements school expectations and standards.

At Chevallum State School, we are committed to nurturing behaviour and dispositions that support a culture of caring. 

Our focus centres on the following four areas of care:-





We are “Individuals learning together” who:
• move towards effective self-management,
• find effective ways of meeting the need for love and belonging, power, fun and freedom of choice within a supportive school environment.

The success of any school behaviour management plan relies on the development of positive relationships, consistent approaches and effective communication involving all within the school community.  A dialogue between staff and students occurs around what our core values look like in practice and just as importantly what we should do if our actions aren’t reflecting these values. This is where our restorative justice processes are actioned and come into play to support effective self-management. 

Linda Short - Principal.