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P&C Appreciation for Tracey and Leesa from WOOSH.
Tracey has served as an incredible pillar to our community over the last 10+years. Her love and care for the children is undeniable and her efforts within Woosh have not gone unnoticed. It was a very difficult decision for Tracey to walk away from Woosh, it felt like home, her family. We would like to wish her well and thank her for her contribution to our out of school care service. We also would like to acknowledge and thank her for continuing on in the role until after our Christmas Vacation Care.
We also need to take time to acknowledge Leesa Mackays wonderful contribution to our Woosh. She also is moving on from her position as Woosh Educator.

Much like Tracey, Leesa has dedicated so many years to the service and her love and care for the children is going to be greatly missed. She really put her heart into the service and goodness we appreciate it. We also wish Leesa well and thank her for her incredible service to Woosh.
Both ladies will continue within the school within their Teacher Aid roles, so rest assured they will still be around.
Prep 2019 Orientation
I had the pleasure of meeting with new and existing parents for 2019 Early Years intake. It was great to be able to sit with the parents and talk all things Chevallum. The P&C reiterated the importance of community and that the collaboration between our school and our P&C builds on the community and gives us strength.
New parents were introduced to our Chevallum P&C world, largely encompassing Café C, Uniform Shop and Woosh. They became familiar with our fundraising efforts and what the P&C of Chevallum brings to the school. Many questions were answered and memberships taken which leads us to be very hopeful that our 2019 parents are keen, ready and willing to be a part of our wonderful community.
Café C
Our relationship with Monica Topliss is in full swing with Sausage Rolls back on the menu. These have been well received by the kids and excitedly they are gluten and dairy free with organic beef. Please for those who do not have dietary requirements, don't be scared of the gluten and dairy free factor they taste amazing and if we didn't tell you, we promise you wouldn't have know!

Uniform Shop
What a buzzing place the uniform shop has been. A huge Uniform Shop sale was held on 20th November and wow, didn't the undercover area come alive. It went so well and was a win win for all, cheaper uniforms for our community and stock moved on for us. Thank you to the community who took advantage of the sale, as with any of our P&C businesses within the school any profits made go directly back into the school, so thank you once again.
Huge shoutout also goes to Kerry Tuck & Co for sorting, preparing, merchandising for the sale and being there on the day. Your efforts do not go unnoticed and we thank you.
Hard to believe it is nearly the end of the year? Vacation Care is just around the corner. Hopefully you should have all received the Vacation Care program.
We have altered our session times for the upcoming Vacation Care period and if utilised properly this should maximise what you get for your dollar. You should of all by now received an email regarding this. If you have any questions about our new sessions times please do not hesitate to contact us.
We would appreciate it if you could have your bookings in by the 3rd December as we are now offering a morning care and will need to ensure we have the staff to accommodate.
Thank you to all the children and parents who have participated in our after school Active programs this year. These programs will continue until Week 10. We are hopeful to continue providing these in 2019. We will be checking with families in the next couple of weeks as to your intentions of continuing in our Active programs. NOTE: Active programs generally start in Week 2 of Term 1.

Hope you are all surviving the craziness of Term 4 and as always thank you for always continuing to support the P&C efforts within our school. Your support goes a long way and only makes our community stronger.
Kym Jackson
Chevallum State School P&C