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Book Week Arrives!


​Thank you to everyone who helped make Book Week a success.  All our families, students and staff embraced the fun and theme of Book Week and created a treasure trove of fantastic costumes!  It was great to see giant cats, sloths and other creatures enjoying a good book at lunchtime.

 Our student performers on the day are to be congratulated for putting in many lunch time practice sessions in preparation and creation of their original pieces.  Thank you to Ms Wendy Russell our music teacher for the choir performance and also to Ms Jodie and Ms Kaye from Family I for their student performance of   “Living in Australia”.
Congratulations to the winners of our Diorama, Poetry and Colouring in competitions for your creativity and imagination.


Our Friendship Photos were again a big favourite with our students and the Library was full of happy smiles and busy people during the week.  The Where’s Wally competition had many students scratching their heads. They wondered exactly how many Wallys were hiding in the Library?  For those playing at home there were 17 this year.

The Champion Harry Potter Readers Cup Team this year was “The Horcruxes” made up of Leif, Patrick and Josh. All teams were very knowledgeable this year and in the end it took a tie breaker question to declare the champions for 2018.
The theme of Book Week this year was “Find Your Treasure”.  And what a treasure books can be in our lives.  A treasure can be described as something important, precious, special and highly valued.

We all have our favourite books, be they adventure, mystery, history, fantasy or comedy.  We treasure the way they make us feel, what they teach us or the time they give us away in an imaginary world.

We can find our treasure in the library, a favourite book shop, on our bookshelf at home or best of all digging up a special treat at a second hand book store.
I hope everyone will find a treasured story to share with their friends and family, not only during Book Week but all through the year. When families share books it sparks a lifelong interest in exploring literature and that means we all never give up the hunt for that next great read!

Thank you again to the Chevallum community for their enthusiasm for Book Week.
Scott Barr (Librarian)